• Liasoning work & services

    Liasoning work & services

    H&M Company proposed a various kind of liasoning work with services are as follows;

    Making an application for new registration/connection
    Changing the load /capacity that has been sanctioned
    Requesting an increase in load capacity
    Transfer a position/location of the meter
    Changing one’s username etc.

  • EPC work of Solar Rooftop Systems

    EPC work of Solar Rooftop Systems

    H&M Company are also offering turnkey based solution in the area of grid connected solar rooftop system included site selection & survey, appropriate planning & designing, supplying high quality-based material, and installation & commissioning of plant or unit. Moreover, we are proving key solution in diversity of the areas as mentioned below;

    Manufacturing and Industrial unit
    Commercial structures or buildings
    Domestic and residential building
    Hotel & restaurants
    Institutions of higher learning
    Clinics & hospitals etc.

  • Solar water pump

    Solar water pump

    A solar pump is a system that uses solar energy to raise liquid from the ground to a higher level. The main goal of using this type of pump is to save energy by removing electrical or fuel energy. Solar pumps are usually made up of a photovoltaic module, a charge controller, a DC water pump, and electrical wiring. Benefits of solar pumps:

    No fuel & electricity cost
    Easy to operate and maintain
    Highly reliable and durable
    Long operating/working life
    Easy installation
    Robust construction, and so on

  • Solar water heater system

    Solar water heater system

    We are providing a customized based solution in the province of solar water heater project.

    Residential areas
    Commercial and industrial areas
    Educational hostels
    Clinic and hospitals
    Hotel and restaurant etc.

  • Erections and commissioning work of street lighting

    Erections and commissioning work of street lighting

    We also carry out the task of erecting street lights with extensive experience and minimal technology & equipment in a secure manner, adding to the company’s profile.

    Solar street lighting
    Electrical street lighting

  • Cleaning device for solar panel

    Cleaning device for solar panel

    Cleaning is an important method for maintaining the energy efficiency of solar panels while using less water and achieving higher efficiency. We offer such kind of cost-effective key solution in the field of solar rooftop system.
    Benefits of cleaning devices for solar panel are as follows:

    Easy to install and operate
    Higher efficiency can be obtained from solar panel
    Robust, long and durable life
    Low operating cost

  • Shed work

    Shed work

    The roof truss and frame are used to cover and protect the building's interior space. The cost of constructing a shed is determined by the structure's configuration, the types of roof truss and frame used, the forces acting on the structure, and the material chosen. We provide a critical answer in the field of shed construction.