• Installation of Solar Rooftop Systems

    Installation of Solar Rooftop Systems

    The urban environment provides a large amount of empty rooftop spaces and can inherently avoid the potential land use and environmental concerns. Estimating rooftop solar insolation is a multi-faceted process, as insolation values in rooftops are impacted by the following:
    1. Time of the year 2. Latitude 3. Weather conditions 4. Roof slope 5. Roof aspect 6. Shading from adjacent buildings and vegetation
    There are various methods for calculating potential solar PV roof systems including the use of Lidar and orthophotos. Sophisticated models can even determine shading losses over large areas for PV deployment at the municipal level.

  • HT/LT Cable Laying,Termination & Cable Joining Work

    HT/LT Cable Laying,Termination & Cable Joining Work

    we are also engaged in taking up various Applications of HT / LT Power / Control cable laying in Ground / Trench, Surface ( Clamps, saddles, Spacers ) HDPE / RCC Pipes etc. wherever required along with end termination, Straight Joints - both FLP & Non FLP Glanding. These services are rendered through highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. In addition to this we ensure that the services are executed with technology and sophisticated equipment.

  • Supply Erection & Commissioning Of Street Light Poles

    Supply Erection & Commissioning Of Street Light Poles

    We also execute the task of erection of street light pole with vast experience and modest technology/equipments in safe manner which further adds to the profile of the company.

  • Transformer Oil Filtration

    Transformer Oil Filtration

    Transformer is one of the main asset in the electrical power industry which needs to be maintained for guaranteed uninterrupted power transmission in order to get assured revenue benefits. Transformer life mainly depends on the quality of oil volume it contains.Regular transformer oil filtration assures long and consistent results from the transformer.Transformer oil purification is a process to remove sludge, dissolved moisture and dissolved gases from the oil. Transformer oil conditioning may also include to some extent improving the acidity of the oil.A good oil purification system is able to deliver filtered oil with parameters as per the standard specification.

  • Erection of HT/LT line & Substation

    Erection of HT/LT line & Substation

    With the help of our qualified project engineers we also undertake projects like erection, commissioning, rehabilitation, etc. Projects like Erection and commissioning of 150 LT & HT panels have been completed by us. We are Govt. approved Electrical Contractors in state Govt.

  • Panel Manufacturing As Per Client's Application & Requirements

    Panel Manufacturing As Per Client's Application & Requirements

    Standard Control Panels India is well equipped with high-tech machineries, qualified personnel having expertise in control panel design, panels manufacturing and development, project planning, testing & commissioning of all types of electrical panels.

  • Operation & Maintenance Of Any Kind Of Industrial Plant

    Operation & Maintenance Of Any Kind Of Industrial Plant

    Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) or maintenance, repair, and overhaul involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance). It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order (known as scheduled maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance). MRO may be defined as, "All actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function. The actions include the combination of all technical and corresponding administrative, managerial, and supervision actions."

  • Commercial & Industrial Wiring Work

    Commercial & Industrial Wiring Work

    Our product range also comprises of Electrical Consultancy Services, Commercial Electrical Works. We specialise in industrial electrical tasks such as the standardisation of 3 phase wiring making sure everything meets current safety standards or installing inverters to convert a single phase supply into a three phase supply. We have extensive experience of packaging line electrics from maintenance to improvements and can install PLC's (programmable logic controls) to centralise an entire packagingline start and stop switches.

  • Licensing Work Of Torrent Power Ltd. & DGVCL

    Licensing Work Of Torrent Power Ltd. & DGVCL

    Managing your power connection has never been so easy. Be it applying for a new connection, requesting for additional load or shifting the meter location, all this and more can now be done.

    Applying for a new connection
    Changing sanctioned load /capacity
    Shifting meter location
    Changing user name
    Documents and charge